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Our Fall Intramural Conference


PAIMUN is in its 32nd year, and this fall, as in past years, we plan to bring in more delegates of all experiences to create an environment conducive to toning the skills of experienced delegates and helping new delegates gain a solid background in a rigorous, college conference-like committee.


The date for PAIMUN is yet to be set, but the tentative date will be in early October 2015.


If you are interested in attending PAIMUN 2015, please notify and, current Co-Presidents, of your interest. Attendance fills up quickly, and we would be more than happy to welcome your school's delegates to our conference!

Crisis: Quilombo  of Palmares


The Quilombo of Palmares was a group of escaped Portuguese slaves who formed their own society with their own government structure, completely separate from the main Portuguese society. The topic of this debate was whether the leader of the Palmares, Zumbi, should accept the Portuguese's offering of peace or whether he should wage war with the help of the Dutch.


The debate was lively, and after a number of directives and crisis updates, including famine and sudden attacks from Portuguese farm owners, the Palmares decided to wage full war on the Portuguese. The rest is history!

General Assembly: international surveillance


International Surveillance operations are effective measures to prevent terrorism; however, the appear unjustified when targeted at allied countries. Moreover, mass data gathering programs, such as PRISM, breached the rights of individuals to personal data and private communications. 


The aim of this GA was to determine: 

1)Whether or not UN legislation should govern international surveillance

2)What system or set of legislation should regulate current and future international surveillance

SPECIALIZED: Khmer Rouge and the Cambodian Genocide


It’s April of 1976, and Cambodia is in a state of panic. A year has passed since the Khmer Rouge seized complete control over Phnom Penh and the former Prince Sihanouk has officially resigned as head of state; the mark of a new era, the country has just officially been renamed Democratic Kampuchea.


In a widespread implementation of their harsh communist ideals, the Khmer Rouge has been and continues to systematically (and brutally) eliminate the non-peasant population. The situation in Cambodia is both gruesome and ever-changing, requiring urgent action.

Students hard at work in a Crisis committee in PAIMUN 2012.

Committee chairs at Closing Ceremonies of PAIMUN 2014.